For 24 years, Kevin identified, defined and paved access to what might be the most lucrative market segment of the retail financial advisor marketplace.

There is widespread ignorance and
missed opportunity regarding the niche market of Extraordinary Advisors; many in the financial community would be naturally able to sell more to this extraordinary group but are missing the recognition, access & relationship boat even though this segment is hidden in plain sight!

The Extraordinary Advisor approach puts serious wind in the sail of Wholesalers, Sponsors, Vendors and Broker Dealers who correctly target and adapt their approach to Extraordinary Advisor candidates.


If asked directly, many successful financial advisors despite their strong desire to do so would not know where to go to simply “get better” entreprenurially.


Definition of Extraordinary Advisor

An Extraordinary Advisor is intelligent, motivated and independent; not a transaction or commodity focused rep. Very high production alone does not qualify. The Extraordinary Advisor is often a very significant producer ($1 million), but there are many thriving but growing $150-$250K candidates. They always are aware of their own stock’s value and are constantly alert for ways to raise it’s price.

An Extraordinary Advisor is typically a successful FINRA licensed broker or an RIA with industry (and/or business) experience who is willing to risk embracing relationship (not commodity) Entrepreneurialism; he or she is confident, mature, very motivated and absolutely COACHABLE. He or she has typically spent real time and money in her/her own self improvement. Skin in the game is second nature.

Extraordinary Advisors

Many Extraordinary Advisors are Boomers, but age doesn’t define this game; mindset, attitude and capacity to strive for growth do. The Extraordinary Advisor will accept, through accountable goal setting process, and be open to dozens of ideas and approaches that are pragmatically designed to achieve those results on a schedule. Many times these approaches could be called outside the box, but they all start with determining and then enhancing whatever the advisor’s own unique ability, talent and skill is.

The B/Ds, RIAs, sponsors, vendors, and wholesalers we help to access and appeal to the Extraordinary Advisors must first consciously acknowledge that they really desire to launch a concentrated focus on this extraordinary market segment group as opposed to taking programs that just pitch to the entire universe or to two-dimensionally defined groups such as million dollar producers, or age banded reps, or those with concentrated practice focus. They need to recognize and agree that THE way to capture market share from this Extraordinary group is to play to their desire for self-improvement, personal growth and motivation and then deliver a PROFITABLE (to them AND the rep) Added Value Experience that is rooted in a teachable, customized and ongoing deliver of entrepreneurial help to the Extraordinary Advisors practice.

Kevin has been practicing that approach while successfully but incidentally selling Extraordinary Advisors a commodity for nearly 25 years. No one is better equipped to do it or to teach willing B/Ds, Vendors and Wholesalers how to do it. No one else has even defined this extraordinary market. Kevin's approach is welcomed by Extraordinary Advisors and he is expert at leading others in the recognition of, access and sales to, and relationship with Extraordinary Advisors.

How Are Extraordinary Advisors' ORBITERS benefitted?
The Extraordinary Advisor approach puts serious wind in the sail of Wholesalers, Sponsors, Vendors and Broker Dealers who correctly target and adapt their approach to Extraordinary Advisor candidates.

The Extraordinary Advisor Approach draws out the Unique Ability of the Extraordinary Advisor and employs quite naturally the Unique Ability of the Extraordinary Wholesaler.

  - The Extraordinary Advisor has “Beliefs”, not just “Interests”.
  - The Extraordinary Advisor is FUTURE BASED not PAST BASED.
  - The Extraordinary Advisor is an EMOTIONAL ADULT, not an EMOTIONAL CHILD.
  - To the Extraordinary Advisor, it is NEVER about ENTITLEMENT!

Extraordinary Advisors show and use and are willing to display more innovation and are more likely to be holistic in dealing with clients: life planning devotees are much more likely to be Extraordinary Advisors. It should be no surprise that Extraordinary Advisors have tendencies and systems to attract and obtain Extraordinary CLIENTS.
Extraordinary Advisors can be like CIA or undercover cops, with their distinguishing purpose not immediately visible. A non-Extraordinary Advisor may look at first like an undercover vice cop, but may just be a product whore, or a trip whore.

Extraordinary Advisors have bookmarked coaching sites, like StrategicCoach.com.
Extraordinary Advisors read and scan magazines like Entrepreneur and columns about practice management and Nick Murray.

Extraordinary Advisors...cont’d
Financial product Vendors, Sponsors, Wholesalers and even Broker Dealers are distracted and turning a blind eye to an easily learned way to access a heretofore undefined market because the commonly accepted way to target advisors is through traditional, easily visible two-dimensional metrics of a practice.

Extraordinary Advisors are NOT defined by two-dimensional categories such as: specialty practice, size practice, market niche, age, geography, and product concentration. They are defined more broadly across those spectrums attitudinally in terms of whether and how they are inclined to self-growth, proactively seeking and accepting entrepreneurial help. These are ‘ax sharpeners’ who have regularly spent some money, time and energy on self-improvement. They can be found in every one of the two dimensional categories. That is where they are hidden… in PLAIN SIGHT!

Vendors, Wholesalers and Broker Dealers who really learn HOW to cater to these inclinations and make it a true part of their practice, eventually get a BACK STAGE PASS to the Extraordinary Advisor’s practice while their competitors must be satisfied by sitting in the audience and having access to only the advisors front stage persona. That front stage persona is designed for clients and also for ‘gatekeeping’ away commodity salespeople.

Intelligent Access to the Extraordinary Advisor and therefore to his clients can’t be bureaucratic or templated, it must start from the bottom not top; and needs case by case wisdom. Broker Dealer, Vendor or Wholesaler must decide to go on the lookout for this profile in the field and be equipped to respond the right way (perhaps more importantly, not to respond the wrong way by slipping into automatic product push).

Many good advisors are not attuned to their own stock’s price… too busy with day-to-day stuff. Those who ARE Extraordinary Advisors are actively attentive.

Many good Broker Dealers, Wholesalers, Vendors and Sponsors are too narrowly focused on just using the Extraordinary Advisors (together with all the other ordinary and less-than-ordinary advisors in the universe) to advance their own sales or profitability to even focus on their target advisors’ “stock price”…. let alone consider that to do so would present an alternative but nicely paved path for them to sell, service or curry relationships much more efficiently.

Calling it “consultation sales” does not make it so. To consult one must listen; before listening one must ask (the right questions). Then one must access all, repeat ALL the resources available to them. (Read: your whiz-bang annuity is NOT the answer to the advisors need for immediate staffing or engaging a presentation coach.)

Most sophisticated entities that orbit financial advisors do some form of slicing; dicing and segmenting in order to better package themselves to increase their attraction. For example, these marketers can characterize advisors in two-dimensional terms: size of practice, type client, market niches (wealth, gender, geography, product specialties), age, etc. The kind of things that could readily be seen on an X-Ray.

The attitudinal issues that have to do with the reps preoccupation with and attention to his own stock’s price and where he seeks and takes help in the regard is found with a different diagnostic (e.g. an MRI or ultrasound). That stuff can’t be determined metrically as the former categories and it require on the ground evaluation by a wholesaler, vendor or broker dealer trained to look for that positive attitude and then correctly offer quality help across the entrepreneurial spectrum rather than opening a tool box with only one tool… THEIR PRODUCT!

There Is help for EXTRAORDINARY ADVISORS...and their ORBITORS.
If asked directly, many successful financial advisors, despite their strong desire to do so, would not know who to name or where to go to simply “get better” entrepreneurially. They are too busy (and lonely) to seek help to sharpen the axe. And, most people who are in a position to help a successful financial advisor entrepreneur get truly better just don’t do it.
Why? Because they are too busy selfishly focusing on first trying to get them (together with all the other non-extraordinary advisors) to sell their products or use their services; or, as their B/D or RIA, they are too busy trying to control, nickel & dime, and commoditize them so as to advance the B/D’s efficiencies and profitability. They just know no way or attitude of helping that doesn’t involve prioritizing, leading with or pounding their product or service.

Most Extraordinary Advisors have come to accept that the ‘help’ offered to them from within the financial services community always includes a product, service or home office force-feeding. Studies have shown how advisors thirst for truly independent “added value” entrepreneurial help. [Link to Inv. News Article] But most of this help is delivered by people who are licensed to sell products for a reason: they are paid ultimately and exclusively on how well they (or their organizations) use that license to move product or services through advisors. Somebody has to pay for such ‘help’ but this non-independent kind of help cannot escape, becoming tainted by the provider’s self interest.

No wonder there is such stereotyping and resistance of wholesalers, vendors, sponsors and even Broker Dealers and RIAs.

Now that it is finally available, the cost of successful and passionate independent entrepreneurial “Profitable Added Value Experience” delivery has finally become reasonable. The result is purity of the help and singular focus: enable this individual Extraordinary Advisor to use his own uniqueness to develop his entrepreneurialism, determine and address the unique needs of his clients and prospects and do so in a way driven from the bottom up, not ivory tower-down. In other words, just like “Palms-Up Networking”, offer help first before asking for anything.

Market Segmentation of Extraordinary Advisors
*How Extraordinary Vendors, Wholesalers, Broker Deals and Sponsors find and approach Extraordinary Advisors.

Some percentage of firm advisors/brokers are indeed Extraordinary Advisors, just as some percentage are large producers, small producers, transaction oriented, product driven, women focused, corporate client focused, advice driven, boomers, Gen Xers, and or left handed.

If wholesalers, vendors and broker dealers could approach that identified segment of advisors with a designed offer of customized added value that would play right into their wheelhouse, it would increase the chances of relationship and, if done right, necessarily more sales.

The key to Kevin’s process is to wrap and mold the added value as entrepreneurial help which, by definition, will appeal to the motivated, self improvement oriented and already successful rep who IS the Extraordinary Advisor.

Engaging in exercises such as the 8-Steps in “The Extraordinary Advisor Break Through Process™” will equip both the advisor and vendor (then the wholesaler) to talk about the use of the product or commodity in terms of an overall entrepreneurialism process (which was built and customized to accommodate not force delivery of the product).

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