Kevin is a dynamic entrepreneurial wizard in the financial services industry who also happened to manage 20 of Fidelity Investments largest branches. He has also succeeded for 24 years as a wholesaler by delivering profitable added value to Extraordinary Advisors in one hundred different B/Ds. That’s all he did: no commodity emphasis, no CEs, no golf balls… ever. Entrepreneurial wisdom only.

What coachable B/D or RIA could not use his confident, fresh ideas, tools and presentations to recruit, retain and serve Extraordinary Advisors?


“A surprising benefit from Kevin’s counsel has come form his ability to incisively triangulate on the 1) me and 2) all the demands, opportunities and obligations I face every day in the home office. He effectively applies field wisdom and pragmatic solutions to those of us in-house. He is beyond Marco Polo, bringing the home office widespread successful field experiences: He is a terrific “Triangulator”: ... (more)
- Joe Richard
Wall Street Financial, Rochester, NY





How Kevin Can Grow a B/Ds Profitability.

  1. “Frustration Buster” consultation helps smaller B/Ds/RIAs get grounded and overcome guidance from outside the tower that will always result in more appreciation, gratitude and respect from their reps.

  2. Customized and energizing coaching and mentoring program for “better” and “best” advisors, recruiters and home office staff. Quarterly meetings working through the “Extraordinary Advisor Breakthrough Process™”.

  3. Designs your next conference (or regional meeting) to be your best one ever. Incredibly simple conference adjustments and planning result in measurable increase in morale and profit.
Extraordinary Advisors
  1. A dynamic, non-product (non licensed) speaker for B/D conferences, advisor and/or client events who always delivers profitable added value.

  2. Real world advice and counsel for your selected reps in developing or enhancing creative and profitable seminars, marketing, client meetings, advisor board and/or study group creation and facilitation. Your B/D can offer top reps a great “drop-in” entrepreneurial mentor, speaker and coach who has no product to sell but 25 years of doing nothing but hands-on elevating the practices of Extraordinary Advisors.

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