These case studies reflect exactly what successes Kevin has enjoyed as a pioneer wholesaler to the Extraordinary Advisor community for 24 years.
  He has helped:
Extraordinary Advisors
B/Ds (home office meetings, reps)
Discount Brokerages
VA & Mutual Fund Companies
National Accounts




Case Studies

Kevin’s clients are varied, but share a marketing niche: They all are, want to be, or want to help (and profit from) Extraordinary Advisors.

His beneficiaries have always ultimately been the coachable Extraordinary Advisors who are responsive to entrepreneurial ideas based on his own unique ability.

He demonstrates this “Personal Entrepreneurial Training” approach to B/Ds, vendors, sponsors and wholesalers who use his processes, ideas and coaching to deliver, in turn, Profitable Added Value Experience to THEIR Extraordinary Advisor clients and thereby create more relationships and make more money.



Kevin was CONFIDENT enough to pioneer this non-product, non-commodity
approach to wholesaling because it would curry relationship with Extraordinary Advisors, who appreciated his independent full services entrepreneurial help.

These studies reflect the amazing success that his focus has permitted. These stories should attract the attention of those who “orbit” Extraordinary Advisors, like B/Ds, Banks, Vendors and Wholesalers who “get it”.

Case Studies

1. B/Ds/RIAs
A monthly retainer by a small (300 reps) Extraordinary Broker Dealer in Upstate NY allows (1) Kevin’s incisive “zero gravity” counsel and consulting on site and off; (2)speaking at national/regional meetings and helping to design same; (3) “triangulation” advice to home office personnel on issues that pertain to helping their best advisors be better served and growing their own unique entrepreneurial skills. The firm thus “sponsors” or subsidies Kevin’s group and/or individual entrepreneurial coaching (with personal accountability) of selected advisors. The firm’s recruiters deftly promote and use this element to tell prospective reps what the firm actually DOES for their reps.
2. B/Ds/RIAs
Collaborated with the CEO of a Long Island Broker Dealer to design an “Entrepreneurial Institute” to coach the firm’s select financial advisors at quarterly meetings and, later, a mini version of same will be opened up to select entrepreneurial clients of that B/D.
3. Asset Manager & ETF Company as a Sponsor

One large Boston asset manager had Kevin come in to consult and help blueprint and develop their upcoming national sales conference to make it more Advisor-useful and pragmatically memorable rather than a mirror image of the last ten stereotypically non-advisor friendly conferences. Dramatic changes (even while accommodating politically necessary platform time) in presentation timing, structure and participation made an acknowledged difference in efficiently delivering conference content that actually helped their field force increase sales and profitability on the next Monday

The company also invited Kevin to speak with and coach internal wholesalers and marketing staff on effective and profitable communications with their client-advisors and the use of Kevin’s entrepreneurial tools to support of their external wholesalers.

4. National Discount Brokerage
Kevin brought in to national headquarters and local branches to coach branch advisors and managers how to construct and track meaningful but easy rep-client conversations designed to both provoke transactions and record client intelligence for future use and management follow up. Brokers were taught repeatable processes (“The Fear Extinguisher”) that make it easy for them to engage in structural conversation reconnaissance and relationships.
5. Large Bank-Brokerage and Banks Product Divisions
Large Bank Brokerage and Banking Products Division invited Kevin to speak to their advisors at monthly meeting to lay out “The Mother of All Focusing Techniques” to be implemented by three levels of management as well as the bank’s retail advisors. It is reported that use of the “Post-It” anti-procrastination idea and the yellow “Agenda Pretenda” were among the tools utilized and appreciated.
6. Tier I VA Company

Local wholesaler and regional manager contracted with Kevin to be a profitable (and popular) Added Value speaker to use at their local road shows, advisor meetings and conferences and even advisor-client meetings (link to article). Fee for day included unlimited number of podiums and independent Extraordinary Wholesaler coaching/shotgun riding.

Kevin was acknowledged as having infused a good wholesaler’s day with creativity in presentations and innovation in activity. He identified and magnified the wholesalers’ personal unique abilities and demonstrated to them how to teach their advisors entrepreneurial skills and tools imbedded with logical and customized links to the ongoing sale of their product. Wholesalers and management appreciated how they were offered friendly non-judgemental, no bureaucratic, confidential advice on leveraging wholesaler strengths together with focus on uniqueness, not product.

7. Wholesaler Cluster Meeting
The Eastern Regional Manager of a dozen proprietary VA wholesalers asked for a
refreshing independent (“zero gravity”) presentation, Q&A, exercises and real world tools to be delivered to his group of mostly veteran to mid level wholesalers. Best reaction was to “The Bombastic Referral Process” and “The Four Question Client Interview”. Even the few rookies enjoyed the “on-the-street” ways to make entrepreneurial enhancement their wholesaling “Trojan Horse” and learned a new found power to make a lot more money; lots of insight, non product, wholesaler techniques from outside the box got delivered at both the formal meetings the social events that Kevin always agrees to attend.
8. Workshop Speaker at B/D National Meeting
Presented “Simplify Your Independence with Five Tools of Extraordinary Advisors” and separately, participated in Practice Management Panel. Fee included full day participation.
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