All keynotes and workshops offer dozens of practical real world ways to Extraordinary Advisors to grow the VALUE of their practice with creative, witty, proven and useful entrepreneurial “ah ha’s” that reflect Kevin’s 24 years of pioneering the practice of field coaching and mentoring Extraordinary Advisors.

Kevin customizes his B/D, Vendor & Wholesaler sponsored presentations to drive practical connection & loyalty to said sponsor.

The topics make ALL advisors want to be Extraordinary Advisors!

Financial Services National Conferences, Wholesaler Clusters, Due Diligence, Product/Vendor Roadshow, Home Office or Big Producer retreats, Study Groups, Entrepreneurial Trade Association

  “He understands the needs for urgency. Kevin has been a wonderful motivator, coach and speaker. He has advised and shared his ideas individually and from the main platform of many of our conferences, and has always gotten tremendous reviews and feedback.”: ... (more)
  - Stuart Silverman, CEO
Fusion Advisor Network, Elmsford, NY



Simplify Your Independence

Five quick and powerful glimpses into how extraordinary successful independent advisors SIMPLIFY their independence.

You are in charge of whether you want to move into a quintessential model of MENTAL and ATTITUDINAL independence. But...have any of you brought too much or too little stuff... baggage, messes, wrong relationships, missing organizational skills, etc. Have you hit a ceiling of income?



Simplify Your Independence
Extraordinary Advisor Breakthrough Process™
Fear Extinquisher
Advisor Improvement
When & How to Quit
The Ten No Go Zones
Profitable Added Value Experience™
The Rehearsal Dinner™
1. The Positive Focus Exercise. Do this yourself. Do this to start every client meeting.
2. For Procrastinatros and/or Perfectionists Only: The Quick Solution!
3. Identifying your Unique Ability: 40 letters. Developing your unique process; something your clients can’t get anywhere else at any price. Naming your process
based on strengths ( Delegate everything else.
4. The Mother of All Focusing Tecniques. The single, most important one-page list in your office...ever.
5. The Ultimate 4-question “Fact-finder” interview. The “Fear Extinguisher”

There’s a BIG difference between embarking on a process with accountability (Goal) and seeking out ideas, unique products, instructional tapes or quick fixes.

Remember: It’s never just about product.

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