KEVIN SPEAKS, CONSULTS, COACHES & MENTORS, eloquently & passionately to, or for the benefit of, FOUR CLASSES OF CLIENT AUDIENCES:

  1. Extraordinary Advisors
  2. B/D's & RIA's who recruit, retain & serve them
  3. Sponsors Vendors & Suppliers who sell to/through them
  4. Wholesalers who seek relationships with them


  When appointed to the committee tasked with planning our next national sales meeting, I called for Kevin to come to Boston and advise the committee on his revolutionary ideas about sales meeting structure. I know he has been to hundreds of these meetings and he always paid attention. His design for us insured that the salespeople left with easily actionable stuff because we had presented it in a novel way. His creativity and suggested execution was just off the charts. (more)
- Greg Goostray
State Street Global Advisors




How Can You Hire and Use Kevin
(or have someone else hire him on your behalf!)

If you are an Extraordinary Advisor:
Kevin makes customized arrangements to coach, mentor and consult directly with individual or team Extraordinary Advisors; Kevin facilitates, speaks to and works with study groups and even will set one or more up for you. He can address client seminars on investment and non-investment related themes, entrepreneurialism and motivation (remember, no license and no product). An especially appropriate use of Kevin’s skills is to sponsor one of his “Extraordinary Client” seminars, offered to your entrepreneur clients, designed to coach and improve their business skills.

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Broker Dealers - RIAs

NOTE: Your BD or RIA
(or favorite vendor or wholesaler) may already have an arrangement or retainer with Kevin entitling a certain of their advisors to group or even individual coaching/mentoring

If you are a Broker Dealer or RIA:
Kevin’s monthly retainer delivers “zero gravity” home office counsel, consulting and coaching on all rep, marketing and entrepreneurial issues that flows from his 36 years of approaching business on a how-can-I-be-of-help theme. It can include: participation/keynoting/workshopping at national and regional meetings and even direction for the home office in structuring a uniquely successful national conference. The B/D package can include field coaching and mentoring identified reps one on one and/or in small groups; perhaps this could be framed as a reward for production or as an effort to which the coachable advisors also contribute some skin into the green. Astute recruiters understand this value and are quick to highlight it as evidence of your B/Ds willingness to enhance advisors practices, not just their production.

If you are a Sponsor, Vendors (Partnership Program, ETF, Money/Asset Manager, Mutual Fund Company, VA Distributor):

1. Revitalize Sales Effectiveness
Kevin’s consultation can create for your firm, perhaps for the first time, Profitable Added Value Experiences that your sales team and your marketing teams can use to target the niche market of “Extraordinary Advisors”. Beyond the theme, Kevin can teach the implementation of entrepreneurial skills wrapped around implementation of your product or service in a way that curries long term relationship and delivery of profitable, or “sticky” added value as opposed to “going-through-the-motions”, added value.

2. Road Show; Due Diligence and/or Profitable Added-Value Speaker
Kevin’s dynamic speaking skills together with his years of pioneering creative entrepreneurial processes for successful advisors such yield impressive presentations all designed to help the Extraordinary Advisors stock price go up:

Highlights from “The Extraordinary Advisor Breakthrough Process ™”
“The Fear Extinguisher ™”
“The Profitable Added Value Experience ™”
Advisor Self Improvement “Hidden in Plain Sight”
“Learn When and How to Quit”
The 10 No Go Zones
Simplify Your Independence with five tools, Extraordinary Advisors Use To Achieve An Unfair Advantage

Each of these engage and entrepreneurially motivate advisors (and teach Vendors, Wholesalers and Broker Dealers how to do it for their advisors); every audience member can take away specific usable practice management to do’s in their own practices.

If you are a Wholesaler (or manage them):

1. “Cluster Busters” Wholesaler Meetings
Kevin offers “cluster buster”, zero gravity presentations to wholesaler meetings, including panel discussions and Q&A, on his proven 8 step “Extraordinary Advisor Breakthrough Process”. He teaches eligible wholesalers how to use his process in an unconventional, non-commodity way to wrap their sales capacity in the delivery of customized entrepreneurial help sought by Extraordinary Advisors.

Bureaucracies try and sometimes succeed at teaching wholesalers to randomly and blindly deliver to hundreds of not so extraordinary advisors what a marketing department may label as “added value”. Kevin teaches sales organizations and qualified wholesalers to use their unique abilities, take into account their client’s unique abilities, and then customize and deliver a Profitable Added Value Experience™ to their Extraordinary Advisors.

2. Wholesaler Mentor/Coaching
Kevin offers small groups of pre-screened and qualified Extraordinary Wholesalers from one organization ongoing programs of one quarterly group meeting followed by one full day per quarter in the field with each wholesaler. That day will include one-on-one influence and advice on how to succeed with their Extraordinary Advisors. Kevin will also deliver a “Profitable Value Added Experience” speaking engagements for those wholesalers and their reps and/or clients together with one on one, outside the box, entrepreneurial coaching/mentoring.

3. Roadshow Speaker at Wholesale Events
Ideal for wholesalers or Divisional Managers who need to punctuate their roadshow presentations with a dynamic and novel Profitable Added Value Experience speaker AND thereby, offer their own Extraordinary Advisors a fully independent source of entrepreneurial innovation, creativity, excellence and humor. Imagine a star wholesaler who is confident enough about his entrepreneurial skills to work without any license or product to sell!

If you are a Professional Associates, Trade Association, Chamber of Commerce, FPA Chapter, or Bar Association in need of a paid speaker who can be of motivational, practical, and memorable help to successful entrepreneurs…

Talk with Kevin personally to see if he can double the value of your meeting, conference or workshop, and make your members better, happier and more profitable entrepreneurs.

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