These case studies reflect exactly what successes Kevin has enjoyed as a pioneer wholesaler to the Extraordinary Advisor community for 24 years.
  He has helped:
Extraordinary Advisors
B/Ds (home office meetings, reps)
Discount Brokerages
VA & Mutual Fund Companies
National Accounts

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Here's what some of Kevin's current Extraordinary Advisors have to say about him and his strategies, workshops and coaching...




“I have worked with Kevin since before our Broker Dealer was formed. We wouldn’t even consider holding one of our semi annual summits without Kevin’s participation as one of our keynote speakers. Unlike many others in his position, Kevin also keeps his promises to personally visit and coach all in the audience who ask for his help. Over 15 of our advisors currently rely on Kevin for much more than product knowledge or situational guidance.
Kevin is witty, intelligent and extremely creative when it comes to coaching advisors to perform more effectively and to live out their vision of success. He develops ideas and systems that are both unique in the marketplace and effective. Advisors can tell that Kevin cares, and is drawing from his 30+ years of experience to create a truly unique and creative approach tailored to their style and clientele.”

-John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP®
             Chairman and CEO
             U.S. Wealth Management, LLC

“Kevin has been an integral part of not only my business growth but my personal growth as well. The coaching and business tools that he has coached me on are lifelong tools that I will use forever.

Most recently, Kevin and I designed an incredibly creative program to coach mortgage originators who agreed to work with me to refer financial services to their clients. Kevin personally conducts our twice-monthly 2-hour coaching sessions to help these mortgage originators increase their business with the same business and coaching tools that have helped my business grow based upon Kevin’s 8-step Extraordinary Advisor Breakthrough Process ™ we customized the “Mortgage Originator Value Experience”. It has been a huge success for me as well as the mortgage originators. So much so that we have generated an incredible amount of interest from other mortgage brokers who now want to join my “referral club” in exchange for Kevin’s coaching.”

-Stephen Kosubinsky, CWPP™, RFC, AIF®
             President and CEO
             21st Century Planning

“I engaged Kevin to train my branch advisors on his Fear Extinguisher Process and how they can readily engage in easy conversational client reconnaissance. His results directly enabled the branch to track and document advisor conversations in a way to permit sales follow up and encourage easy, enjoyable and purposeful later conversations with branch clients and prospects.

I further engaged Kevin for a half day presentation to a regional meeting of branch managers, regional management and marketing departments held at our national headquarters. The highlight was how he instructed the managers in “The Mother of All Focusing Techniques”, which is the best combination of time management and thoughtful presentation skills I have ever seen. He also made good on his promise to cure all of the procrastinators in the room.”

-Dennis Madigan
            Branch Manager
            TD AMERITRADE Short Hills NJ Branch

“When appointed to the committee tasked with planning our next national sales meeting, I called for Kevin to come to Boston and advise the committee on his revolutionary ideas about sales meeting structure. I know he has been to hundreds of these meetings and he always paid attention. His design for us insured that the salespeople left with easily actionable stuff because we had presented it in a novel way. His creativity and suggested execution was just off the charts.

His ideas were adopted in large part and as a result, each speaker was counseled that the audience would be polled on the specific take-away they expected to apply; his outside the box approach to this conference made the exchange of information and value incredibly more valuable to the people who count: the sales people.

Before we actually did it, we had never seen such a meeting open or close this unique way.”

-Greg Goostray
             State Street Global Advisors

“A surprising benefit from Kevin’s counsel has come form his ability to incisively triangulate on the 1) me and 2) all the demands, opportunities and obligations I face every day in the home office. He effectively applies field wisdom and pragmatic solutions to those of us in-house. He is beyond Marco Polo, bringing the home office widespread successful field experiences: He is a terrific “Triangulator”: His history as a senior manager of Fidelity Branches and his dedication to the interest of reps allows us candid and valuable shared perspective… and some very ‘inciteful educationed’ [not a typo] home office discussions.”

-Joe Richard
             Wall Street Financial
             Rochester, NY

“Kevin has a unique way of connecting with an audience and has them anticipating the next round of fresh, usable and creative entrepreneurial ideas. The beauty of his ideas is that they can be used by (or presented to) a frequently undefined by critically important segment of producing reps: those upwardly mobile, successful and coachable Extraordinary Advisors.

If you stop to think about it, who wouldn't want to get close to and better understand financial reps who were, indeed, self-improvement oriented and activated, successful and motivated "Extraordinary Advisors". Kevin has the way to that market cornered. Kevin was a very confident wholesaler for 24 years and now he is a resource sharing his secrets and proven techniques with other wholesalers, vendors and even Broker/Dealers. As one of those he shared with I can honestly say there is a direct connection between my success and his involvement.

He knows how to attract Extraordinary Advisors and how to teach vendors how to profitably get into and spend time in their space."

-Steve Atkinson
             Loring Ward

“He understands the needs for urgency. Kevin has been a wonderful motivator, coach and speaker. He has advised and shared his ideas individually and from the main platform of many of our conferences, and has always gotten tremendous reviews and feedback.

My firm is an advisor network designed for high producing, entrepreneurial, independent advisors and has experienced unprecedented industry growth partly due to Kevin’s ideas and influence. I highly recommend Kevin as a consultant, speaker or coach for anyone looking to grow!”

-Stuart Silverman
             Fusion Advisor Network, Elmsford, NY

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