How to Start Quitting

1. Identify the Boiling Frog
2. Visualize Life Without the Problem
3. Decide What Takes the Place of the Thing or Person
4. Recognize the Value of Addition by Subtraction


  “I engaged Kevin to train my branch advisors on his Fear Extinguisher Process ....His results directly enabled the branch to track and document advisor conversations to permit sales follow-up and encourage easy, enjoyable and purposeful later conversations with prospects... (more)
- Dennis Madigan,Branch Manager
TD AMERITRADE Short Hills NJ Branch



When & How to Quit

Great new ideas, process, techniques are tough things to add to a FULL & CLUTTERED storage area. Step ONE: Make Room!

What You Will Learn:

Quitting Isn’t Just OK…it is necessary because...
Start By Quitting Something Really Big:
Consideration of Quitting is a Very Big Thinking Exercise
The Cost/Benefit Evaluation of Stopping Something Involves Addition by Subtraction
What Dead Weight are You Carrying?
SOLUTION: Firing Lots of People + Things Process...
How to Start Quitting
Micro Quits V. Macro Quits
Simplify Your Independence
Extraordinary Advisor Breakthrough Process™
Fear Extinquisher
Advisor Improvement
When & How to Quit
The Ten No Go Zones
Profitable Added Value Experience™
The Rehearsal Dinner™

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