Kevin has been #1 at his
four places; has 24 years
experience and pioneered non-commodity based wholesaling.


“He understands the needs for urgency.
Kevin has been a wonderful motivator,
coach and speaker. He has advised and
shared his ideas individually and from the
main platform of many of our conferences,
and has always gotten tremendous reviews
and feedback.”: ...

- Stuart Silverman, CEO
Fusion Advisor Network, Elmsford, NY





This is what we do for vendors of MFs, VAs, Alternative Investments, Money Managers, etc. who desire to distribute more product efficiently.

Kevin as a Speaker:

Road show, due diligence, regional/national conference “Profitable Added Value Speaker”
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Kevin as a Strategist to Revitalize Sales Efficiencies:

  1. Analyze how/whether their distribution system can effectively include a focus on Extraordinary Advisors.

  2. Teach identification of their Extraordinary Advisors and how to construct the “Profitable Added Value Experience” that will enable relationships and sales.

  3. Present a plan to penetrate selected
    smaller B/Ds with a private, sponsored coaching consultant and mentor. This allows full independent access to new B/Ds, BUT with a program of entrepreneurial help that includes tracks for their product to be utilized in the context of practice management help.
Extraordinary Advisors


Powerhouse keynotes, workshops and due dilligence presentations.

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The entrepreneurial tools we coach result in your wholesalers being able to identify their advisors’ client prospects for your product while helping the Extraordinary Advisor advance his entrepreneurial skills and repeatable process.

In short, this help with practice management curries ongoing profitable relationships with the right advisors who you have probably never specifically targeted or approached with what they want most: non-product, independent entrepreneurial help!


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