Kevin has been #1 at his
four places; has 24 years
experience and pioneered non-commodity based wholesaling.


“He understands the needs for urgency.
Kevin has been a wonderful motivator,
coach and speaker. He has advised and
shared his ideas individually and from the
main platform of many of our conferences,
and has always gotten tremendous reviews
and feedback.”: ...

- Stuart Silverman, CEO
Fusion Advisor Network, Elmsford, NY





The Extraordinary Wholesaler simply de-commoditizes his practice.

  • Extraordinary Wholesalers are in the best position to identify, access and approach Extraordinary Advisors with a customized offer of entrepreneurial help and tools.

  • When enabled by Kevin’s 25 years of
    developed systems, tools and techniques, those Wholesalers can utilize their own
    unique abilities to deliver this entrepreneurial help and establish themselves with a BACK STAGE PASS to the advisor.

  • Most Extraordinary Advisors’ front page persona and office protocol routinely shuts out wholesalers at the gate who merely pound identical commodities; no real progress is made even when wholesalers try delivering mass produced and hackneyed “added value” because it too has become a templated commodity of no real use or interest to the Extraordinary Advisor.
Extraordinary Advisors
  • Kevin coaches and travels with small groups of Wholesalers, speaks at their presentations as a profitable added value speaker and participates at wholesaler cluster meetings.


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